Looking for a exercise tracker that can accumulate tabs on your accomplish taken, calories austere and added bloom data? Fit bit is a part of the lot of accepted brands, but there is affluence of added options out there. Some trackers attending added like approved watches, while others are feature-packed accessories for bloom and exercise nuts.

Here are our top picks for the best exercise trackers as of November 2016, ranked from atomic to a lot of expensive.

Moov Now

Why we like it: Don’t aberration the Moov now for addition Fit bit or Misfit competitor. Where Moov Inc.’s latest wearable shines is in its real-time apprenticeship capabilities, rather than all-day action tracking. Instead of just befitting tabs on accepted bloom metrics, the Moov Now provides acknowledgment about your anatomy and achievement — it’ll let you know, for instance, if your anxiety is hitting the pavement too hard.

The Moov can as well clue basal statistics like sleep; calories burned, and save minutes.

What to know: It’s not the best for those gluttonous a accepted purpose exercise tracker. Additionally, your buzz accepts to be adjacent for the apprenticeship appearance to work.

Misfit Ray

Why we like it: The Misfit Ray is a simple and beautiful exercise tracker aimed at buyers who affliction about appearance over a feature-packed gadget. The blatant Ray advance basal stats like accomplish taken, calories burned, ambit moved, and sleep. It’s water-resistant abundant to bathe with, too. Addition bonus: Since its dispensable array should endure for up to six months, you don’t accept to anguish about charging the Ray every day.

What to know: The Ray’s abridgement of a awning agency you can’t glance down to see your bloom statistics or the time. It’s as well big-ticket because its bound functionality compared to added trackers

Fit bit Alta

Why we like it: Fit bit’s Alta has a glassy and adorable architecture with a awning ample abundant for simple notification-reading. It’s an ideal best for those who wish a tracker that can ad measurement basal statistics — like accomplish taken, calories burned, beddy-bye and added — but who amount aesthetics over added features.

What to know: The Alta doesn’t ad measurement stairs climbed or cover a affection amount monitor, appearance offered on some added trackers.

Pebble 2 + HR

Why we like it: The Pebble 2 + HR are an affordable best for buyers who wish a smart watch with some exercise tracking abilities. The new Pebble, which works with both iOS and Android, can clue circadian action like calories burned, ambit traveled, accomplish taken, and affection rate. If you’d like to adapt your watch face, apprehend and acknowledge to letters from your wrist, and admission apps and analysis sports scores, aces this over a Fit bit.

What to know: The Pebble 2 + HR doesn’t action reminders to move if you’ve been abandoned for a while, nor does it clue specific workouts like pond or rowing.

Fit bit Charge 2

Why we like it: Fit bit’s Charge 2 includes just about aggregate a basal exercise tracker should have. It can ad measurement accomplish taken, calories burned, floors climbed, affection rate, and alive minutes, all while automatically tracking added acute exercise and beddy-bye patterns. With its Cardio Exercise Level feature, the Charge 2 cans advice you put your bloom statistics in context. Its awning is as well beyond than the earlier Charge and Charge HR, alms an easier attending at the time, your bloom metrics, and admission notifications.

What to know: The Charge 2 doesn’t accept a standalone GPS sensor, nor is it swim-proof, so hardcore runners and swimmers may wish to attend elsewhere. There’s as well no advantage to ascendancy music playback from your wrist while alive out.

Garmin Vivo move

Why we like it: The Garmin Vivo move offers alone centenarian metrics if it comes to exercise tracking, like accomplish taken and beddy-bye patterns. But the Vivo move’s simple and adorable looks becoming it a atom on our list.

The Vivo move is about an analog watch with basal bloom tracking features, authoritative it a abundant best if you’re searching for a wearable fit for a night out or a big meeting. Its face displays two meters alongside the time: one for assuming how abutting you are to your circadian exercise goal and addition announcement how abundant time you’ve spent idle. Charging isn’t an affair here, as the Vivo smart uses a dispensable array that lasts for up to a year. Its swell baptize aggressive abundant to bear splashes, showering, and a bit of swimming.

What to know: The Vivo move has bound appearance compared to added similarly-priced exercise bands, like the Fit bit Charge 2. Some critics accept as well said Garmin’s app isn’t as simple to use as aggressive exercise apps.